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About Us

Offering our speciality blends since 2018

-   ABOUT US  -

Almost 2 years ago the American Soul Seasoning and Sauce was born, these blends and sauces that Chef Kisha made from scratch throughout her career as a Chef. Chef Kisha was always playing around blending and dehydrating herbs and Sauces, and creating different things until she came up with the perfect taste, after numerous compliments about how mouth watering the spice blends and sauces made food taste, she decided to capitalize and bottle the ingredients. Chef Kisha decided to take her spices to the Farmers Market we're she discovered that she might be on to something.  And here we are a year and a half later. OPENING the "Spice House"

American Soul


Born on September 21st in Detroit, Michigan, Chef Kisha began experimenting with cooking at a young age. As a release from trauma experienced during her childhood, Kisha turned to her innate talent of “burnin’ in the kitchen” to surround herself with love and joy. Her feisty personality matched her penchant for spicy flavors, and she soon found her way to culinary school where she mastered the fine art of soul food flavors and dishes. After culinary school, Chef Kisha stepped out on her own and became the founder and owner of Big Mama's House Catering in Detroit. From church banquet to corporate events to individual households.... everyone loved “Big Mama’s” cooking! Seeking better opportunities for herself and children, Chef Kisha relocated south and almost immediately started a new business. As a mother of two daughters, La'Joia & Jazz'Myne, and the grandmother of two granddaughters, Madyson and Morgan, Chef Kisha enjoys serving as a model of hope, perseverance, and inspiration to her family. Gatherings in Chef Kisha’s home are lively, full of love, and wonderful offerings of good food—some of which are contained in this cookbook. Other excellent recipes can be found in Chef Kisha’s first book, “Crumbs to Creation: The Cookbook Diary!”, part of her 5-Part Series of titles. Chef Kisha is the Founder and Owner of American Soul Café in Dallas, Texas. A serial, entrepreneur, Chef Kisha’s other brands include American Soul Sauce & Seasonings in addition to the American Soul Catering Company. Chef Kisha has three additional books in the pipeline and coming to market soon. Be on the lookout for Chef Kisha’s upcoming book this early Summer 2021, “Thoughts of a Creation: Health & Healing” coming to your kitchen with love!

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